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Obama Gives Farewell Address: What is His Legacy?

More on Obama’s True Legacy

Over two years ago it was noted that the US leads the entire world in any number of dubious ways. And we know that in two years things have only grown from bad to worse. As the nation that grants the most outrageous and unfair tax breaks to the rich, the US also leads the globe in tax evasion and corporate welfare. And with multibillionaire Trump coming to power assembling the wealthiest administration in US history, that statistic will not be changing any time soon. While good for the wealthiest class, America leads the planet in declining public services, child poverty and homelessness. While the rich get richer and the poor poorer, America’s number one in citizens in prison, supplying 25% of the world’s inmates containing only 5% of the world population. We’re also number one in police brutality, and police murdering unarmed citizens (70 times the rate of other developed nations), sadly three times worse if you’re African American than white and two times more likely than if Hispanic.

Obama is correct in saying the US is the most powerful nation on earth if measured strictly in terms of human genocide and global destruction. With US Empire’s nonstop record of aggression and slaughter committed against rest of the world, killing 30 million other humans since World War II alone, the United States is by far the world’s biggest murderer as well. If US exceptionalism is measured in terms of number of invaded smaller countries (37), murders of foreign leaders (several dozen), 59 government coups since WWII, engaging in economic warfare by enforcement of trade embargoes (YemenVenezuelaNorth KoreaCuba), as well as imposing various economic sanctions (Russia, North Korea, IranSyriaSudan), and countless tampering in others’ elections, all with total impunity, then yes, the US is uniquely exceptional in its unmatched evil. And that was just the short list. America ranks as the world’s worst offender.

No other nation on earth comes even close to making war over 93% of its time in existence. No other nation on earth has over 130,000 soldiers occupying more than 150 nations at nearly 1,000 military posts worldwide, with another 4,000 US troops this month lining up along Russia’s western border, joining NATO’s 300,000 troops on active alert. Ready to ignite the next world war, Commander-in-Chief Obama has the US military occupying over 77% of all other nations on earth. In comparison, the number of foreign nations where Russia deploys its troops remains a single digit figure, and in all nine countries Russia is an invited guest, unlike America. If power in the world is measured in terms of causing grave risk to every living inhabitant on the planet dying from nuclear holocaust, then once again Obama’s US of A is number one.

The liar-in-chief also boasts that America is the “most respected nation on earth.” What a pathetic laugh that is. The reality is with so much US aggression and violence inflicted on the rest of the world, America has to be the most hated and feared nation on earth.

Gallup poll found that the United States is the biggest threat to world peace. Though few nations can openly call America out for its never-ending transgressions, for fear of being overthrown, invaded or severely punished, behind closed doors, many the world over cannot wait to see the Empire crash and burn. The entire planet has suffered immeasurably for more than a century at the hands of the brutal world bully and unilateral executioner. Other nations see through Obama’s lies and hypocrisy, and his wormlike leadership from behind is secretly mocked as mealy-mouthed and weak. On the world stage he has zero credibility and is hated, and unfortunately due to the sins of his seamless Clinton-Bush-Obama cabal, Americans get lumped in and are hated too. But hate and fear have nothing to do with respect, however smooth talking Obama’s fork-tongued doublespeak bullshit may be to his so called liberal sycophants like Springsteen and Streep.

Normalizing Relations with Cuba

Getting back to more of what Obama believes are his bragging rights, he touts normalized relations with Cuba among his most notable accomplishments. The Empire’s embargo lasting more than half a century cruelly caused untold human suffering on the little Caribbean island. But the resourceful nation survived and even thrived in ways in spite of it. So who benefits by the thawing relations? Doubtfully Cuba as much as the US oligarchs swarming Havana like sharks in a feeding frenzy, the same way they jumped in bed with Russian organized crime once the Soviet Union broke apart… and under pre-Castro’s Batista corruption as well. Tourism revenue is pouring in while the Cuban elite may begin reaping the benefit of less restrictive trade after decades of isolation. Yet despite these obvious perks, since Obama opened the US embassy in Havana in August 2015, the first full year of normalization saw the Cuban economy shrink by .9% after a 4.4% growth in 2015. No doubt Western predators are eagerly pouncing on Cuba’s natural resources to turn that country into another banana republic. Perhaps an undefiled Cuba was better off during the nearly six decades the island proudly and defiantly stood independent of the constantly threatening imperialistic Empire 90 miles away (not to mention the failed US Bay of Pigs invasion and alleged 634 attempts on Castro’s life).

The Iran Nuke Deal

Next Obama references his controversial nuke deal with Iran as another gold star achievement on his short list. Last August it was seriously marred when it was learned that Obama paid a $400 million ransom in US taxpayer dollars to free 4 American hostages from Iran prisons that Barack was caught lying about. When the UN and Congress ratified the nuclear deal last September, I welcomed it, hopeful it might restore peaceful relations with yet another so called “pariah” nation unfairly targeted by the Anglo-Zionist Empire that for too long had blindly followed a Middle East policy straight out of the Greater Israel Project playbook. Iran is another country that defied the global bully and paid for it, after CIA overthrew its democratically elected leader in 1953 and installed the dictator Shah and his murderous CIA trained secret police lasting over a quarter century. Once the Iranian Revolution ousted the Shah in 1979, Iran was always considered America’s enemy.

As far as developing nuclear power to meet Iran’s energy needs, in the long run it’s never a wise move after Fukushima and Chernobyl. But when Washington not only silently condones but covertly assists Israel building a large nuclear arsenal (not to mention the immorality of handing over $38 billion in US military aid promoting Israel’s genocidal apartheid), for years to constantly threaten war against Tehran should it pursue nukes in self-defense parity, though it makes for a more dangerous world, Iran certainly possesses a reasonable argument for having nuclear weapons. Yet Iran has led a non-aligned 120 nation movement for a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East to no avail. Meanwhile, Israel continues sitting on 200 warheads aimed at Iran. With a pro-Zionist US president in less than a week who during his campaign promised to tear up the nuke agreement and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, more hostile tensions toward Iran may be in store in the Middle East. But it was likely more rhetoric than reality as Trump would be going it alone to renege on the deal backed by all five other UN Security Council nations that signed it.

Pulling the “I Killed Bin Laden!” Card

Back to Obama’s speech where he is still basking in the lie that he actually took out Osama bin Laden as 9/11’s alleged “mastermind.” That US commando raid in Pakistan was all an inside fake job just like 9/11 was. The truth is the Bush-bin Laden family connection goes way back throughout the 1980’s when Osama the US proxy mercenary in Afghanistan could fight Russians to help break up the Soviet Empire and then again in the 1990’s to help to break up Yugoslavia. Finally reprising his groomed role as the official fall guy on 9/11, Osama bin Laden became deep state’s cardboard cutout who had little to do with the 9/11 false flag operation carried out by the real criminals Cheney-Bush/CIA-Israel/Mossad-House of Saud. The strong likelihood that Osama’s failing kidneys that had him dying in December 2001 belies the fact that Obama conveniently uses bragging that he killed Osama in April 2011 as his crowning albeit fake foreign policy achievement just in time for his 2012 reelection.

He followed that speech lie with yet another enormous deception – that he and those in government serve “to make people’s lives better.” Is that why three years ago a joint university study confirmed that the US government functions as an oligarchy, and neither a democracy nor a republic? It’s been all too painfully obvious that politicians are opportunistically self-serving while foremost serving the interests of the elite that bribes them and puts them in power. Puppet politicians like Obama serve to make the lives of the globalist rulers better, definitely not the people they’re supposed to represent who elected them.

UN Climate Change Agreement

Obama used his farewell speech to include yet another feather in his cap:

[We’ve] led the world to an agreement that has the promise to save this planet. But without bolder action, our children won’t have time to debate the existence of climate change; they’ll be busy dealing with its effects: environmental disasters, economic disruptions, and waves of climate refugees seeking sanctuary.

He expresses smug satisfaction in conning the world with fake science to propagate the lie that human CO2 levels are wreaking earthly havoc by causing extreme weather and climate change, bragging how the UN climate agreement will “save this planet.” No doubt his puppet masters are pleased as they know it’s a necessary precursor and milestone to their one world government. Obama played a pivotal role in manipulating 175 nations into signing the UN climate change agreement that delineates a time schedule to reduce CO2 emissions through issuance of carbon taxes.

Never mind all the fake science consensus, Obama and Al Gore’s globalist rhetoric and dire warnings, it’s all based on a lie, a hoax. Extreme weather and climate change are not the consequence of manmade greenhouse gases, but the ruling elite several decades ago latched onto “global warming” as the new common enemy facing the entire globe that will be their deceptive vehicle used to promote the need for one world governance.

The information war in this age of deception often is waged by omission. Heavy metals through geoengineering in Western nations are poisoning our atmosphere, ground soil, groundwater, food chain, lungs and brains and obviously contributing to chronic health problems and shorter lifespan (along with fluoride, vaccines, Monsanto and GMO’s, processed food, industrial pollution). Yet this covert phenomenon along with HAARP systems relating to weather modification likely have far more negative impact on climate change, extreme weather events and “unnatural” disasters than any CO2 emissions. Yet deep state and the UN refuse to inform us, continuing a policy of denial that they even exist much less disclose their hidden purposes and effects. As long as disinfo cheerleaders like Gore, Pope Francis and Obama are around, millions may go to their graves never really knowing the why or wherefore.

The Changing of the Guard… maybe

Obama falsely declares:

I committed to President-Elect Trump that my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition, just as President Bush did for me.

So that explains the Obama-Clinton-Soros’ post-election purple revolution paying mercenaries to incite violence and mayhem across America’s cities in protest and defiance of Trump getting elected. Or the payoff to get their shill Jill to demand a recount in three key states that fast fizzled out. Or all the death threats and behind-the-scenes, subversive pressures to manipulate the electoral votes against Trump also doomed to failure. So again the Obama-Clinton crowd resurrecting their go-to mantra “Putin did it,” deployed CIA to falsely accuse Russia with hacking that changed the election outcome rather than face the fact that Hillary is the most hated major party presidential candidate in US history. From the get-go she and the DNC had rigged the election, stealing the state primaries, denying Bernie Sanders his rightful nomination. Then the Clinton controlled MSM was caught cheating to give Hillary the advantage during the debates only to arrogantly predict Hillary’s “landslide victory.

Let’s face it, the over-the-top corruption and hubris of Hillary, the DNC, Obama and MSM lost her election despite the 17 Hillary controlled (un)intelligent agencies led by CIA director John Brennan bogusly claiming Russia’s guilt without supplying a shred of evidence. And for alternative media’s role in exposing the ugly truth, over 200 of the more legit alt news sites were then blacklisted as “fake news” for McCarthyite censorship. 2016 revealed just how utterly broken and corrupt the US political system is. And every step of the sordid way, Mr. Lame Duck had lots to do with pulling every dirty trick in the book to prevent Trump from inauguration.

As recently as last week Obama was still attempting to invalidate the election. In a laughable, desperado Hail Mary fiasco, Obama and his DHS head Jeh Johnson were huffing and puffing in front of the cameras about US election infrastructure being critically violated by alleged Russia’s “tampering,” falling under the DHS jurisdictional domain as sufficient grounds to cancel the Trump inauguration. All of this last minute blustering just goes to show the sheer desperation and panic setting in that the whole treasonous Obama-Clinton-Bush cabal will eventually be defending themselves one day before Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

Obama believes “our diversity and openness” means that “the future should be ours.” Does he mean the polarizing effect he’s had on making the US populace the most contentious, angry, conflicted, confused and fractionalized than it’s ever been since America’s Civil War? If he’s saying that it’s about to cause America’s second civil war, then he might actually be right for once. In the next minute Obama’s talks of America’s “solidarity” and either rising or falling “as one.” Again, he’s deployed the elite’s divide and conquer principle as cunningly as any predecessor, leaving office with America more divided and conquered than any time prior in history. As America’s first black president, he was supposed to be the uniter, not the divider, yet his race-baiting tactics have incited racial tensions.

 “Fake News”

Of course Obama just had to reiterate his familiar lament that too many Americans are basing their world view on “fake news” sources, which he blames for further polarizing the nation instead of admitting his own divisive role. As a psychopath, he will never admit that his own race baiting and his own deceitful, aggressive agenda have polarized Americans in the worst way. It goes without saying that his perception of legitimate and accurate news comes from mainstream media, the six oligarch owned mega media giants that control over 90% of the news outflow. The same news that’s been proven repeatedly to be false, from echoing the neocons’ WMD’s in Iraq to predicting a Hillary landslide to the sour grapes accusing Putin of hacking the election. The enemy of his totalitarian regime are the blacklisted alternative news sites that regularly expose both his and his MSM fake news lies. That’s why just prior to Christmas he snuck through signing the 2017 NDAA designed to censor the real truth by designating his MSM minions as his “ministry of truth” gatekeepers.

“Resisting the lure of fascism and tyranny”

After destroying whatever was left of our democratic republic after the Bush regime’s preemptive strike, Obama the fascist dictator who made it his habit of circumventing Congress with executive order end-arounds, the propagandist ironically speaks of resisting “the lure of fascism and tyranny during the Great Depression.” Yet he takes no responsibility for currently creating his own fascist tyranny within his Obama-made depression. He hypocritically adds salt to the wound when he addresses “post-World War II order” that emerged with other democracies based on the very things his eight years have targeted for elimination – “the rule of law, human rights, freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, and an independent press.”

The irony of it all. Because the ruling elite chose to heavily invest in the military industrial complex and US military to fight nonstop dirty oil wars, as a direct result America now finds itself drifting deeper into unpayable national debt fueling an economic depression. In the process Obama and his neocons have systematically destroyed our constitutional rule of law that once guaranteed all those civil liberties and freedoms that his fascist totalitarian oligarchic police state swindled from us. Note the pattern of Obama’s doublespeak. He constantly warns against the very same crimes that he notoriously commits.

America’s Enemies According to Obama

Obama next identifies two challenges to his so called postwar “order”(in actuality his NWO kind)  – “violent fanatics who claim they speak for Islam,” referring to the very terrorists that he created, and “more recently by foreign autocrats in foreign capitals who see free markets, open democracies, and civil society itself as a threat to their power.” Here of course he’s referring to Putin and China, and perhaps the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte because he rejected Obama’s pivot and aligned with China. By reversing everything Obama says, a simple truth formula can be had. Obama insists that the terrorists, the Eastern powers he targets as the enemy, and any other independent nation that refuses to submit to his authoritarianism and US hegemony, is rife with:

A contempt for the rule of law that holds leaders accountable; an intolerance of dissent and free thought; a belief that the sword or the gun or the bomb or propaganda machine is the ultimate arbiter of what’s true and what’s right.

His articulate words above describe himself perfectly. Again, all the very same transgressions Obama is guilty as sin of, he conveniently projects onto all his designated enemies. It’s Obama’s exceptionalism that authorizes his exemption from ever being held accountable by any rule of law, be it domestic or international. And it’s Obama’s belief that he can use global violence against any deemed enemy, real or imagined, anytime, anywhere in the world along with his fake news propaganda machine to sell it. Why? Because he can. And this unbridled, brutal arrogance for extrajudicial murder as judge, jury and executioner extends to any American citizens on US or foreign soil deemed enemies of the state. He’s killed four confirmed Americans by predator drone, his personal favorite warfare despite its actual target kill rate of just 4%.

“Radicalized” Homegrown Enemies of the State

Next Obama blows more smoke up his ass:

No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years.

Obama mentions Boston and Orlando as examples of radicalized homegrown terrorists going off the deep end despite “our law enforcement agencies being more effective and vigilant than ever.” Of course the truth is Obama sponsors all these false flag terrorism attacks on American soil, from Boston to Chattanooga to San Bernardino to Orlando. In every case the US intelligence community had extensive dossiers on each and every radicalized patsy. Obama uses his FBI and CIA as handlers to regularly recruit and coordinate young, angry, misguided Muslim Americans to carry out these state sponsored false flag operations. Former US Marine intelligence and CIA officer Robert David Steele has confirmed that virtually every terrorist event on US soil is just another inside job like 9/11, but obviously on a much smaller scale. Again, Obama and his Muslim CIA boss John Brennan are traitors who regularly aid and abet both domestic and foreign enemies.  In fact, they are America’s enemy within.

Keeping Us Safe: The Fake War on Terrorism

Obama boasts that “we’ve taken out tens of thousands of terrorists” while in actuality as the ISIS founder, he has been repeatedly caught armingsupplyingfinancingtraining, alerting, protecting and providing air cover for the terrorists on dozens of occasions. It’s called aiding and abetting the enemy. And then when Putin called his bluff on his fake ISIS war at the UN in the fall of 2015, upon Assad’s request Russia proceeded to kick terrorist ass in Syria. While after allowing ISIS to invade Iraq the year before in 2014 in order to oust President Malaki and reestablish a military foothold with permanent bases in Iraq, Obama infamously vowed to “hunt down the terrorists.” Yet suddenly in 2015 and all of last year the actual terrorist supporter Obama refused to partner with Putin to eradicate Obama’s Christian-killing ally. Instead Obama and Kerry cunningly played along with Russia negotiating a fake peace proposal till last September launching an airstrike on Assad forces killing 62 and wounding 100 Syrian Arab Army soldiers, then falsely pretending it was an accident. That’s how Obama takes out “tens of thousands of terrorists.”

And then the faker himself has the audacity to claim “it has been the honor of my lifetime to be your Commander-in-Chief.” More than any other president in US history, Obama has singlehandedly forced into early retirement over 300 top generals and admirals. The purge of top leadership is just part of the problem. Obama has gravely undermined the morale of our armed forces and severely weakened their strength as a fighting force as well. Many officers have complained that his policies have emasculated soldiers. It clearly hasn’t been their honor to serve under his inept and weak style of leadership.

From his speech another blatantly false Barack Obama gem:

That’s why, for the past eight years, I’ve worked to put the fight against terrorism on a firm legal footing. That’s why we’ve ended torture, worked to close Gitmo, and reform our laws governing surveillance to protect privacy and civil liberties.

By ending torture, he can’t mean his continuation of the illegal CIA torture rendition policy perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney gang. Or his refusal to prosecute the torturers and their leaders because he’d then have to indict himself. Speaking of another false promise made in 2008, Guantanamo prison still remains an open torture chamber, for decades still incarcerating individuals who’ve never even been charged. As the founder of ISIS (along with Hillary), against the recommendations of his own military advisor, then Defense Intelligence Agency head General Michael Flynn (now Trump’s national security advisor), maintains that against Flynn’s recommendation Obama went ahead and armed and trained the terrorists in Syria for regime change purposes to oust Assad and go after their ultimate prize Iran. Kerry was recently caught on tape confirming Obama administration favored ISIS against Assad, providing yet more proof that Obama is a traitor.

As a mere pawn in the global chessboard pecking order, Obama was assigned to oversee and let drag on two unwinnable leftover wars from the previous administration, restarted war in Iraq, declared a fake war on ISIS after initiating several more wars by proxy using his terrorist ally ISIS in Libya and Syria to further the regime change policy finally outed in 2007 by presidential hopeful General Wesley Clark. Then there are the atrocities Obama supports being committed daily by his terrorists, his contingent of Special Forces advisors coordinating US ally Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war in Yemen.

At the same time he’s pledged to keep his global war of terror alive, Obama was also tasked with surrounding designated cold war 2 enemies Russia and China with hostile neighbors at their border with deployed NATO troops and Obama’s failed Asian pivot. While amassing US-NATO forces at the Russian border, Obama has also launched a nuclear arms race, installing warhead missiles in Romania and Poland aimed at Moscow. But rather than isolating and weakening the Eastern powers, Obama’s aggression has backfired, brought them closer together to face off against the growing provocative threat from their common enemy – US Empire hegemon’s incessant war-baiting as Obama’s apparent objective to trigger world war.

Here’s a twisted puzzler in Obama’s inane illogic:

[ISIL] cannot defeat America unless we betray our Constitution and our principles in the fight. Rivals like Russia or China cannot match our influence around the world – unless we give up what we stand for, and turn ourselves into just another big country that bullies smaller neighbors.

The irony of it all. In the name of fighting his war of terror, Obama has done just that – betrayed our Constitution. But bypassing Congress and stripping away our constitutional liberties and freedoms has little to do with the terrorists themselves, only inasmuch as they’ve provided Obama the excuse to use “national security” to destroy our constitutional rights.

The last part of the above quote is quite telling. Obama is saying Russia and China can only match our influence if US Empire turns “into just another big country that bullies smaller neighbors.” Again, the bottom line reality is that for more than a century the US imperialistic Empire has been the world policemen, global bully and worldwide tormenter, invading other nations, assassinating leaders, implementing government coups, engaging in economic warfare and tampering in internal affairs of other nations at will. According to Noam Chomsky, the United States is the world’s biggest terrorist. Empire’s use of violence to wield its brutal, ruthless power has alienated itself from nations that are increasingly seeking protection and alignment with the Eastern powers, and Russia and China are growing stronger in their will to challenge and ultimately upend the vice-grip of Empire’s unipolar hegemony. The day of reckoning is here.

Over four decades ago globalist guru-war criminal-Nobel Peace prize winner Henry Kissinger proposed a genocidal policy of punishing targeted nations by withholding food as the WMD to induce mass starvation, calling us “useless eaters” as part of the elite’s not-so-hidden eugenics plan to cull the human herd down in drastic number from its current 7.4 billion. So it’s logical that with Empire’s horrendous track record, bullying, raping, pillaging and destroying other nations by habit has become the US trademark. For all its exclusive lawlessness and grief inflicted upon the rest of the planet, no sanctions against the sole global superpower have ever materialized. But the US government’s longtime wanton slaughter and destruction is about ready to receive its karmic due. Fully aware of the awakening masses, as the globalist chessboard pawn, the US Empire will not stop at nothing to perpetrate the most heinous crimes against humanity in order to fulfill its genocidal mission to kill billions to enslave half to one billion humans ruled demonically by a tyrannical one world government. Obama the groomed CIA errand boy did his job to destabilize the world and destroy America in the process.


If Obama had one sincere bone in his body to “embrace all” in America as he preaches, he would never have sold his entire nation down the rapids to one world government that he’s been covertly promoting all along. More than any president in history he has betrayed all Americans. As a narcissistic psychopath, to Barack Obama everything operates at surface level appearance as just another sales pitch acting job, including the display of phony emotions that on occasion he’s likely utilized artificially induced fake tears.

If President Donald Trump follows through on what he says he’ll do, Obama the former president’s legacy will be reversed, redacted and dismantled right out of the history books. Trump is America’s antidote for the Politically Correct presidential imposter who weaseled his way through eight years smiling while treasonously twisting the knife inside the once great America.

Meanwhile the richest administration ever comes to town heavily stacked in Goldman Sachs, Big Oil and the military industrial complex. All longtime fixtures within the elitist establishment, don’t expect a lot of change coming out of Washington. Democrat or Republican, we know who truly runs and controls the international “crime machine”, pulling invisible strings far removed from the figurehead puppet sitting in the White House. And like clockwork every few years we may get taken in by a few tantalizing campaign promises that implant wishful thinking expectations that this president will somehow be different from all the rest. But in the end he too proves to be “same as the old boss,” except oftentimes only worse. Because the real boss is the diabolical ruling elite that has never given up control.

Our fight for truth and justice will struggle on in a year that the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are poised and getting ready to snatch the internet power of truth from us. The globalists fear that they’ve been exposed like never before, and are moving fast ahead of the darkening storm to subdue and repel the global uprising that’s about to unfold in this year of reckoning. Citizens of the world must mobilize and coalesce our forces to unite behind the power of truth and quest for justice and accountability.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at http://empireexposed.blogspot.co.id/

The original source of this article is Global Research | Copyright © Joachim Hagopian, Global Research, 2017

Corbett Report Tributes Obama’s Legacy of Lies:

Those familiar with backmasking, commonly used on the music industry, may find the video below interesting:

The creator of a different youtube video of Obama (where he says “serve Satan” when played backwards) mentioned that he tried to duplicate the message numerous times by repeating “let me express” as Obama had, but could not achieve anything close to “Serve Satan”. The reason may be that, as reverse speech therapist John Kelly has concluded from his years of research, that ones true intent is found in the science of reverse speech.

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