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Boston Marathon Bombings: False Flag?


Near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, at 671–673 and 755 Boylston Street in downtown Boston 2 bombs exploded (apparently homemade pressure cooker bombs) at about 2:49pm. The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart reportedly killing 3 civilians and injuring ...

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National Firearms Act of 1934 by FDR


Roosevelt’s original proposal for what would become the National Firearms Act of 1934, the first federal gun control law in the US, sought to tax all firearms and establish a national registry of guns. When gun owners objected, Congress scaled ...

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Soviet Firearm Confiscation


The Council of People’s Commissars (the government) ordered the surrender of all firearms, ammunition, and sabres. As has been the case in almost every nation where firearms registration has been introduced (see April 1, 1918), registration proved a prelude to ...

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Firearm Registration Introduced in Soviet Union


The first Soviet gun controls were imposed during the Russian Civil War, as Czarists, Western troops, and national independence movements battled the central Red regime. In October 1918, (the government) ordered the surrender of all firearms, ammunition, and sabers… Stalin’s determination to ...

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The Powder Alarm


The British became concerned that Massachusetts towns had been withdrawing their gunpowder from the powder houses, so before dawn on September 1, 1774, 260 Redcoats acting on General Gage‘s order sailed up the Mystic River and seized hundreds of barrels ...

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